Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tools, Tools, Tools.

We need you and your tools to build this playground.  To save cost, we are asking the community to let us borrow your saws, drills, levels, ladders, miter saws, impact wrenches, etc., so we don’t have to go out and buy them.
Your tools will be safe.  You will be given a number and every tool you let us borrow will be inventoried and have that number written or engraved on it.  We promise to return your tools at the end of the week in the same condition we received it.  All tools with blades will have new blades installed before we use them.  You get to keep the blade.  We will check to make sure all safety features are working correctly
All tools will be stored in a locked trailer.  There will be security cameras on site.  There will also be security personal patrolling the constructions site at night.  The site will be well lit all night.  The tool coordinators will check the tools in and out.  We will know where your tools are at all times.  If we break it or lose it, we’ll replace it.

We need you to check in and register your tools the weekend before construction starts.  Others will be using them.  We will publish a schedule when the tool trailer will be open for tool registration and drop off
Here is a list of what we need:

Heavy equipment:  2 Boom auger trucks with 12” and 16-18” drills for drilling the 200+ post holes.  A backhoe with front bucket to move mulch, stone, dirt.  A crane to set the cones.  A forklift/bobcat with forks to unload trucks and move materials.  IF YOU OR YOUR COMPANY CAN PROVIDE ANY OF THE ABOVE, PLEASE LET US KNOW RIGHT AWAY.

Tools:  10”-12” portable table saw, Chainsaw, 3 sliding compound miter saws, 4 power miter boxes, 2 electric impact wrenches, 6 jigsaws, 2 small sledge hammers, 2 100’ tape measures, 3 digging bars, bolt cutter, 5 brooms, 15 paint brushes, 4 scrub brushes, 15 5gal plastic buckets, 10 large C-clamps, 6 bar clamps 4-8’ long, 50 empty coffee cans or plastic jugs, 2 cats paws, 20’ chain with hooks on each end, 2 chisel sets, 2 come-alongs 2-ton, pancake compressor with hose and attachments, 3 crowbars, 75+ 3/8” drills variable speed and reversible – half cordless with extra batteries and half corded, 10 impact drill drivers, 4 heavy duty drills, dumpster, 5 100’ electric cords, 5 50’ electric lead cords, 12 gang boxes, 20 electric splitters, 60+ 25’ extension cords, extension ladder, 2 fire extinguishers, 120 pairs of heavy cotton work gloves, 2 angle grinders, 3 pickaxes, 50+ carpentry hammers, 20 hard hats, garden hose, 30 36” or longer levels, 60 Nail aprons, lots of pencils, pipe cutter, 10 post hole diggers, 25 heavy rakes, 12 3/8” routers, 40 pair safety glasses, 2 belt sanders, band saw, 25 circular saws heavy duty, 25 pair of sawhorses, 2 sawzalls, 15 screwdrivers, 35 shovels, bevel square, 35 speed squares, 2 framing squares, 6 stepladders 6-8’, 3 stepladders 10-12’, 50 tape measures, 5 tarps, awning, laser level and tripod, trash cans, 3 vise grips, 30 wheelbarrows, 4 crescent wrenches, 2 allen wrenches, open end wrench set, extra 9/16 open end wrenches, ratchets with deep sockets especially 9/16.

If you can provide any of the above, please contact us at

Volunteers - We need your help

Volunteers – We need you.  Join the fun.
We are looking for fun, energetic, and enthusiastic people to help with the rebuilding of Kids’ Joy Land.  We have all types of jobs for all types of people.  Here is a list of the main categories where we need people to help.  Tools, Materials, Food, Childcare, Construction Captains, Volunteers, Public Relations, Special Features (Art and Design), Children.  Each of these categories has their own planning guide to help you along.  You don't have to invent the wheel. We need help in every category.  We need help filling chair positions that will require behind the scenes work leading up to the Build Week.  These positions will require a few hours a week over the summer.  If you have a friend that you like to work with, become co-chairs and brainstorm together. You will have as much help from the Project Chairs (Joanne, Ed, and Josh) as you need.
Construction Captains are special.  You will be on site all day, several days during the build week.  You will be leading small groups of volunteers doing specific projects.  You don’t have to know a lot about construction, but you have to be a fun, motivating, people person and keep your group having fun and working.  
During build week, 9/22-9/27 we will need even more help.  We need help with organizing, painting, sanding, shoveling, drilling, and raking to start.  We need help with childcare, food service, in the art tent, etc. etc. etc.  You don’t have to know how to use tools.  It doesn't matter what you are good at, we can use you.  
We are running three shifts a day... 8:00-noon is AM, 12:30-5:00 is Mid, and 5:30-9:00 is PM.  You can work one, two, or all three shifts.  We’ll even feed you between shifts, with snacks in between meals.  
Workers during the Build Week are divided into two groups, skilled and unskilled.  Skilled workers know how to use a power circular saw.  Unskilled workers do not have that experience.  There is an age requirement.  Children under 10 are not allowed on the construction site.  Age 10-13 may work with their parent or guardian.  Teens age 14-17 may work independently, but may not use any saws.  18 is considered an adult.
Here is how the shifts break down.  
Monday 9/21 We need 20 skilled and 20 unskilled for the Mid shift only.  This is to help set up and organize the site for the week.
Tuesday 9/22-Friday 9/25 It begins.  We need 70 skilled and 70 unskilled for the AM and Mid shifts.  85 and 85 for the PM shift.  That is 440 bodies every day for the first four days.
Saturday 9/26 We need 100 skilled and 100 unskilled for both the AM and Mid  shifts.   75 and 75 for the PM shift.  That is 475 bodies.
Sunday 9/27 We work the first two shifts only.  We need 75 skilled and 75 unskilled, for a total of 300 people
All told, that is over 2,600 people working 17 shifts.  We need your help.
Does your church or Sunday School class have groups that do volunteer work?  Does your company have community work days?  You can sign up as a group and work the same shifts and use it as a team building event.  We can provide you with a signup form for your group.  We love groups.
We will need your name, phone number, age (if under 18) and email.
To sign up to help, or to ask questions, please contact us thru or kidsjoyland-out of the ashes on facebook, or contact Joanne Pinkerton, Volunteer Chairperson, at

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Donate to KJL online

Kids’ Joy Land now has online giving through the Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF).  This link will take you to the Kids' Joy Land Fund page.  LCCF is a local nonprofit that enables you to deduct  your gift to Kids’ Joy Land.  You will receive a tax receipt from LCCF for your gift.  (Please consult your tax consultant for specifics on tax deductions)